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Beginners Boxing Chatham Kent


Our Boxing classes are designed to be suitable for everybody to take part in regardless of your reason for training and whatever goals you have set for yourself. The classes that we have here at the TKO Elite Gym offer all the many fitness benefits of Boxing with the classes suited for all levels.  All training is overseen by coaches with many year’s experience  including a Professional BBBC Boxing trainer. Any sparring is strictly optional and only open to members when a suitable level of ability has been achieved and whilst wearing full protective equipment.

For those who wish to participate in properly well organised Boxing events there are plenty of opportunities available, whether in special White Collar Boxing events or IAB Amateur Boxing.  However, this is purely optional and only available when participants have reached a suitable level.

Training consists of:

  • A basic warm up routine including skipping & shadow Boxing
  • Exercises
  • Stretching & Flexibility
  • Pad work & conditioning
  • Bag work
  • Technical tuition
  • One on One controlled application



Boxing padwork chatham kent
Boxing at the TKO Elite gym Chatham
Boxing at the TKO Elite gym Chatham

 TKO Elite Gym

Unit 2 Dajen Business Park
Second Avenue

  Telephone: 07912577773