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Liudas does us proud in Yorkshire

Back from our trip to Yorkshire and so I will just copy and paste on here most of the post I made on my personal Facebook  page which hopefully says it all.

Ok so the quick details are that Liudas Prusinskis Jr. lost a points decision and of course we would liked to have won however this is a unashamedly a positive post.

Everyone who knows me knows I love where I live and of course I love my gym so if i am going to drive 6 hours from home to be at a show its going to be because I believe in the fighter I work with. In stepping up to fight 5 rounds for the first time against an older more experienced opponent Liudas has made me extremely proud as his coach for the way he has prepared, for the way he has conducted himself and of course for the way he fought.

The fight itself was a very clean fight, lots of skill on display and Sonny Greaves was a great kid, a credit to Mick Crossland his coach and his family. The decision that went to Sonny was correct and deserved. Every fight is a lesson and Liudas will have learned lots from this so objective achieved. Liudas has had less than 10 fights and in his last 2 fights has fought lads with over 60 fights between them. He WILL be stronger again because of this.

Big thank you to our travelling supporters, brilliant support, showed great team spirit

Thank you to everyone who made us feel very welcome and as said well done to Liudas. To improve yourself you need to test yourself and thats what he did, he moves on from here a stronger and much improved fighter.

On to the next challenge

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