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New member of staff

Very pleased to announce that Nondas Palaiokrassas is going to be joining our team of instructors and will be starting from this week  on a full apprenticeship, which is a first for us, so a big step forward for the gym and one we are very excited about. He will be involved in all aspects of what we do and will we are  sure be a massive asset to the gym.
Choosing someone to join our team is a big step,  however in Nondas we feel we have someone with the drive, passion and of course the talent to help take us in to the coming years.
He has been training with us for just 3 years and in that time has become an active and successful fighter (and competing next weekend), an assistant instructor working with so many of our young members and in November will undertake his Black Belt grade in the shortest time anyone ever has with us and I doubt anyone will ever again . (if anyone is now thinking ‘wow that’s quick’….well, he has trained SIX days a week since the very beginning, including all throughout lockdown, he has never played at this from day one, he’s more than ready for that test).
He has become a great role model for our younger members who have been inspired by the way he trains and the supportive manner he has with everyone he works with.
All our team of instructors look forward to welcoming him to the team.

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 TKO Elite Gym

Unit 2 Dajen Business Park
Second Avenue

  Telephone: 07912577773